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October Meeting - Stuckys  - Peter Gault, an HR professional, will teach us how to hire and retain the right staff.  

Pete is a seasoned human resource career professional.  With an H.R. career that began in the early 90's as an HR Director in high-volume-staffing call center environments, then developing into "H.R. & recruiting on steroids" ​  Pete now actively provides HR Consulting with a heavy focus on legislation and compliance​.  The Pete Talks Jobs Show is a weekly syndicated podcast, which also airs on 21.6 The Net - Internet Radio - www.216TheNet.com every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday at 9:00am Central Time. ​

November Meeting - Johnsburg State Bank on Chapel Hill Road- Carla Merlak & Patrick Noone,  both tax professionals, will provide tips on closing out the year and preparing for the coming year.  We will have this meeting at Johnsburg State Bank .  PLEASE INVITE GUEST.

Carla Merlak is the Founder & President ofMerlak Tax Advisory Group, Inc.  Carla has been providing tax services for 20 years.

Patrick Noone is the owner of PJN Financial Services, Inc.  Patrick has been helping small business startups for more than 32 years.

December Meeting – Our December meeting is a chance to celebrate the season with fellow JABA members.  Join us – it’s a very fun event!

JABA meetings are on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm, at Stucky’s Bar & Grille. Our monthly meetings provide networking opportunities before and after our regular agenda items. Complementary light snacks are served.  

If you are not on our email list and would like to be, please email us at info@JohnsburgJABA.com.

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At 247 Credit Funding our goal is to be a business owners source for all solutions to their common business problems. While our core product is business credit and business loans we also saw a need to add other services. On the subject of business credit our proven process can take a business with no credit established in the name of the business and build a solid credit file with useable credit for the bsuiness without credit checks or personal guarantees of the business owners. This process takes a few short months and will give that business a minimum of 50k in credit and in the vast majority of cases considerably higher amounts. When it comes to business loans and funding we have a vast number of lenders within our network that handle evry type of loan needed by businesses.If your company needs a piece of heavy equipment we have lenders that specialize in those loans.You need to build a new building and need commercial financing? We have lenders for that as well. You just need a short term line of credit? We have those too. Heck, we even have lenders that will give your business a loan to do an advertising wrap on your company vehicles! Bottom line is, if there is a business loan need we have a lender that has those loans available.