Executive Team

Mark Adams, Immediate Past-President 
Paradise Financial Partners

Josh Hagen, EDC Chairman, Village of Johnsburg

Prem Magnetics

Kim Giovanni, Executive Director

Gio Accounting Services, LLC

JABA members consist of a wide variety of professionals that work, live and play in the Johnsburg area.  JABA is focused on the area businesses and community.  Members represent businesses and residents from Johnsburg as well as many surrounding communities. The diversity of our members helps to make JABA a fun and interesting professional network.  This allows our positive impact to reach as far as possible as we work to build a future where businesses in our area are able to thrive.  

JABA Documents

Shortly after The Village of Johnsburg became incorporated in 1993, a village wide strategic planning meeting determined the need for a symbiotic relationship with local and area businesses. At that point the Village Economic Development Committee (EDC) was given full responsibility for creating and developing a “business association”.

Committee member Roger Liston volunteered to develop an organization to help meet those initial needs. Early on in the development phase the Committee felt that the “Area” portion of the newly formed group was an important component of the group’s mission because so many of the economic needs of the community were not being fully met by the existing businesses in town. Under the leadership of Roger Liston and his wife Anne, the Johnsburg Area Business Association (JABA) became a reality in 1994.

Small monthly meetings were held with a focus on business mentoring and sharing of information on local issues that could help influence business growth and sustainability. The informational reports were provided by the EDC Chairman and the Chief of Police on such things as business registration guidelines, new sewer and water plans, new and planned ordinances and policing

The next phase of JABA was the beginning of outreach events where Roger and Anne established the first Johnsburg Area Business Expo held at the Johnsburg High School. The immediate success of the Expo was the foundation for the economic sustainability of JABA which continues to grow and prosper today.

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Laura King, President
McHenry County Conservation District

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Paradise Financial Partners

John Huemann, Treasurer
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