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4400 Beck Lane

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Nature's Scholars Enrichment Center, Inc.

Nature’s Scholars is a quality learning center based around our natural world. Our hope and goal is that the children in our care grow up with us learning an eco-friendly way of living - a love of the earth they will take with them in life as they become young adults. We strive to guide and help to develop them into a “whole mini individual”. Teaching children not only the knowledge to enter into the world academically but socially, emotionally and physically. Seeing children gain self-confidence and the ability to be self-sufficient is important to us. We base our day in a way that teaches manners, eco-friendly daily practices and the development of all 5 of their senses using nature as our base. Basically, nurturing through nature. Using our natural world to teach, explore and grow through play.

Nature's Scholars
Enrichment Center Inc.

Learning center based around our natural world - From Infant to 12 year old!

P: 815-653-0240