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Local information about the village of Johnsburg

Community Profile - Today, Johnsburg consists of approximately 7,000 residents. Johnsburg School District #12 consisting of Ringwood School (Pre-K through 2nd grade), Johnsburg Elementary School (3rd through 5th grade), Johnsburg Jr. High School (6th through 8th grade) and Johnsburg High School (9th through 12th grade). See our Education page for more information. Renovations were done to all of the schools in the last decade to accommodate the growing needs of the community.

Johnsburg has made significant improvements to three major park facilities which provide ball fields, soccer fields, walking paths, picnic areas and playground equipment to the community. The community has many sports activities that kids can enjoy such as: Johnsburg Boys Baseball League, Johnsburg Pigtail league, Northern United FC Soccer, and Johnsburg Jr. Skyhawks football league. See our Community Groups for more information.

Having the most water front of any community along the Chain of Lakes, Johnsburg maintains a boat launch facility at which Village residents can launch their boats and other water crafts with the purchase of a boat launch sticker. The Village’s first wastewater treatment facility has been completed and serves nearly 1,000 existing residences and businesses and also provides for service for the commercial growth on the Route 31 corridor area.

Form of Government - The Village of Johnsburg operates under a President and Board of Trustees form of government. It is the purpose of the Village Officials to serve the needs of our residents. Village Board meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the Village Hall located at 1515 Channel Beach Avenue. There are 6 committees which have a trustee that oversees that committee, and there are 6 committee members who are stakeholders of the Village. See Committees & Commissions.All meeting are held at the Village Hall. Meetings may be canceled or changed so please contact the Village Hall at (815) 385-6023 to confirm. Also, please contact the Village Hall if you are interested in serving on a Committee.

Village of Johnsburg

Local information about the village of Johnsburg

P: 815-385-6023